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Here is some of my artwork. Some of it is artwork of the Word of God (special revelation). Some of the following artwork is simply, for example, a sketch of a castle, but I believe God’s beauty can be seen even in that (general revelation).

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My more recent work is on my Instagram Account There is more artwork there!

Feel free to download it for free, or consider making a donation, or purchasing from my art store. If you don’t see something you want, let me know and I can add it.

All 12 Chapters of Daniel in picture form


1) Daniel refuses to compromise
2) Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream
3) Daniel’s friends refuse to worship the statue but aren’t hurt in the furnace
4) Nebuchadnezzar refuses to acknowledge God and loses his mind
5) King Belshazzar also refuses to acknowledge God and sees writing on the wall foretelling his demise
6) Daniel is untouched in the lion’s den
7) Daniel has a vision of four beasts foretelling the fall of Babylon, Persia and probably Greece and Rome
8) Daniel has a vision of a goat attacking a ram probably signifying Greece upon Persia
9) Daniel prays for his people
10) A messenger visits Daniel
11) Wars and the end of evil is foretold
12) The dead being raised to life is predicted

Scripture Artwork

Pen and Pencil