The Bible in 40 Parts

No part of the Bible is dispensable. But if I was forced to pick only 40 of the most important parts of the Bible, here is where I would direct readers. These passages highlight the point of the Bible, which is the gospel: God created the world good, and mankind went astray. The payment for our wrongdoing is eternal death. Yet God the Son took on flesh as the man Jesus Christ, to be the only one to live a righteous life, and to die on the cross as a payment for sin. By doing so he is both just (to punish sin) as well as the justifier (of all who place their faith in Him for salvation). Jesus rose to life again, so that all who trust in Him would also have bodily resurrection and eternal life. This is the good news.

Bible PassageSubjectMain Idea
1Genesis 1-2CreationGod in His grace created a good world
2Genesis 3The Fall (Adam and Eve)Adam and Eve had longings that they tried to fulfill outside of God’s design
3Genesis 6Noah and the FloodGod flooded the world but Noah and his family found favor with God
4Genesis 11The Tower of BabelMankind tried to glorify themselves with a tower but God dispersed them throughout the earth
5Genesis 15AbrahamGod promised Abraham would father many nations; Abraham believed and obeyed
6Genesis 50JosephGod rescued Joseph from his murderous brothers, and in return, through Joseph, God saved his brothers from famine
7Exodus 1Slavery in EgyptOver time, Israel became enslaved in Egypt and longed for freedom
8Exodus 3Moses and the Burning BushGod saved Moses’ life and called him to lead the Israelites
9Exodus 9-12Rescued from EgyptGod parted the Red Sea and rescued Israel from Egypt
10Exodus 20Ten CommandmentsGod gave the Ten Commandments
11Joshua 1The Promised LandThe land of Canaan was again promised to Joshua as an inheritance
12Judges 2JudgesThe Lord provided Israel with Judges, to satisfy their longing for security from their enemies, but Israel did not listen to their Judges
131 Samuel 8KingsThe Israelites asked God for a king, which God said is a rejection of Him
141 Samuel 9SaulGod raised up Saul to be king, and he failed to seek God
152 Samuel 5DavidDavid was anointed as king to replace Saul which eventually led to the division of Israel.
161 Kings 1SolomonDavid’s son Solomon was anointed king and built the temple
171 Kings 12Divided KingdomsIsrael was divided between the north and south
182 Kings 25ExileThe cities of both Samaria in the North and Jerusalem in the south fell, and the people of Israel were exiled
19Ezra 6TempleThe temple was rebuilt but without its original grandeur
20Malachi 3WaitingAn impatient Israel was told by God through Malachi to wait for a messenger, and 400 years of “silence” passed, where no messenger of God spoke.
21Matthew 1The Birth of JesusFulfilling our longing for redemption, Jesus, God the Son, was born a man
22Mark 1Baptism of JesusJesus was baptized by John “to fulfill all righteousness.”
23Luke 4Temptation of JesusJesus was tempted in the wilderness
24Matthew 7Sermon on the MountJesus preached one of his many sermons on the side of a mountain that we have come to know as the “Sermon on the Mount”
25Mark 9The TransfigurationJesus’ was transfigured and announced by the Father to be His Son
26John 12The Triumphal EntryJesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey as a king in what is known as The Triumphal Entry
27John 13The Last Supper and BetrayalJesus ate his last supper before being betrayed by Judas
28Luke 23Jesus’ Trial and CrucifixionJesus was crucified on the cross
29Luke 24The ResurrectionJesus walked and ate with his disciples
30Acts 2The Holy Spirit is GivenThe Holy Spirit came as promised, to dwell inside all believers in Christ
31Acts 7Stephen is MartyredStephen was the first person recorded to give his life for speaking the good news of Jesus
32Acts 8SaulSaul Persecuted the Church
33Acts 9Sauls ConversionJesus appeared to Saul and ordered him to preach the good news of Jesus to all
34Acts 10-11Peters MinistryPeter began his ministry
35Acts 12-14The First Missionary JourneyPaul and Barnabus set out on what has been called the First Missionary Journey
36Galatians 6The New Testament Writings BeginGod began inspiring the The New Testament writings of the Bible
37Acts 15-18The Second Missionary JourneyPaul, Silas and Timothy set out on the Second Missionary Journey
38Acts 19-21The Third Missionary JourneyPaul set out on the Third Missionary Journey
39Acts 26-28RomePaul ministered to the Roman government and people of Rome
40Revelation 1The Return of ChristJesus disclosed to John that He will return in glory and final victory

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