An Interview With Voddie and TYT

Whatever you think of Voddie Bauchum, this interview is powerfully informative. If you’ve watched this, feel free to share your comments below. When Voddie (whose voice apparently doesn’t matter) is allowed to speak, he masterfully explains why BLM is not an organization Christians should even remotely support, even though the name for that organization is cleverly designed. He also defends against an allegorizing of Scripture, which can be used to make Scripture say whatever we want it to say. I can’t simply ignore this kind of thing any more. Humans are made in the image of God. We don’t discriminate, in any direction, regarding the color of skin. Jew and Gentile have been reconciled to God and one another through Christ alone. Please pass this video on, as Voddie himself has shared it on his own account saying, “I don’t get to do hostile interviews very often. Here’s one of the few… Enjoy! And get your copy of Fault Lines!”

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