What to Bring

Cider, pumpkins, and turkey/chicken legs

Or you can Host a Table:

We invite you to create the fair with us!  Choose a medieval occupation (table) below to host and supply (including the actual table, we only have two of those).

You can do as much or as little as you want, this is just a springboard of ideas.  They can be just display tables or, to make it really fun, an interactive table (ie. being able to print your own lines with a printing press, make your own tincture at the apothecary’s, etc.) 

Apothecary Table:

A table that displays old bottles and a mortar and pestle, some dried herbs and flowers (Lavender, Sage, Peppermint, Dandelion, etc.) Maybe some medieval remedies to try or to mix your own medieval perfume.

* Note: we’re going for medicinal remedies of the time period, not witchcraft. 🙂

Tiny bottles for the Apothecary:


Wax seal with quill and ink:

Decorate an inviting table where guests can write a message using a quill and ink and seal it with a wax seal.  (We already have plenty of wax for this purpose.)

Wax Seal:



Book Table:

Display books of the reformation: Calvin’s Institutes, Martin Luther’s writing, etc. Try your hand at illumination!

Printing Press Table:

This can be as simple as using rubber alphabet stamps to create a line or two of text.  Or somehow attaching rubber stamps to an old panini press so that the letters are printed all at the same time on a piece of paper.  Googling this comes up with some cool ideas.

Or if you have an already made printing press in your garage, bring it!

Candle dipping/rolling Table:

Ever tried your hand at homemade wax candles?  There are plenty of methods out there.  Come demonstrate some candle making techniques for the hard-working peasant.

Bread and goodies table:

Delight us with some medieval goodies.  Make plain working man’s bread or a confectionary castle with a pudding moat.




Kids Craft Table:

For our younger guests, have them wrap some simple wire crowns with ribbons or greenery for the boys.  Make some masks.  Decorate a flagon for their apple cider.  Make a crested shield. Etc.

Inventions of the Renaissance:

Set up a display of inventions from the Renaissance.  Here are some really cool small models:

DaVinci models:

Or…are you a stonemason?  A blacksmith?  A weaver?  A farmer? A cobbler? A wheelwright?  A locksmith? A tanner?  A carpenter?  A leather worker? An armourer?  A chivalrous knight?  A bard?

Bring your medieval talents for all to behold!

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