Read Scripture, but if you won’t, read this.

Here is a short message to those who would not consider themselves yet to be Bible readers, or devoted to Christ: I spent 6 entire years of my life, full time, in school, studying the Bible and its origins as well as other religions, at first to see if the Bible was true and to see if it was all it’s cracked up to be, but soon because it was obvious that it is. After this I then have spent at least five years as a full time job doing little more than studying and writing and speaking about the Bible. That’s 11 years of full time Bible study. That’s not counting just being a Christian since I was 10 and reading the Bible for my own sake. My life’s goal and passion is to show people that God is in fact good and scary-real and that the Bible is a work of His hands, compiled in three continents over many centuries through human authors; and that the Bible is one unified, brilliant and miraculously cohesive message: that God made the world good, but we have broken his laws, and the just punishment for our crimes according to Him, is wide-awake eternal death. He made the world; He makes the rules. Yet God loved us so much that without ceasing to be God, He became the man Jesus Christ to show us the way back to eternal life. He died on a cross to pay the fine owed. Only God’s life could pay a penalty for so many souls. As a just Judge He dismisses the cases of those who accept His payment! Death could not hold Him down, so He rose again from the dead, proving what He said was true, and making a way for all those, and only those, who turn and trust in Him and Him alone, to live eternally with “eternal pleasures” by his side forever (Psalm 16:11). This is the main message of the Bible, and everything else Christians disagree about are about secondary issues. But God isn’t playing around. It’s not like every human just goes to heaven now automatically, it’s those who trust in Him. Those who trust in Him devote their lives to knowing Him better. Salvation is by faith alone. But faith is more than clicking the follow button on the Jesus instagram account. Faith is devotion. We ought to know, that we know, that we know, that we trust Him. Your life, my life, depends on it. I wish I could get you to see the thousand tiny miracles that exist in the pages of your Bible, but I can’t without getting you to read it and study it for yourself. But if you’re not going to read it, perhaps these videos will pique your interest. You could watch a video a day of these for weeks. They are scholarly and very well made and I highly recommend subscribing and watching them, until you have the desire to read God’s Word for yourself. Why read the Bible? Because “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17


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